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As you may know, I’ve made the move to booktube (check out my channel by clicking here) which means little to no posting on here.

That being said, I decided to pop in and give you guys a little update on the videos I’ve done since the last time I updated this blog, 2 months ago!

Just click on the caption under the picture to view the video! (It’ll open up in a new tab/window.)

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Hunting Prince Dracula: Giveaway & Top 10 Favorite Traits of Audrey & Thomas

Books, TV, and More... Oh MY!

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Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be talking about Hunting Prince Dracula today! I LOVED this book and devoured it. I highly recommend both it and Stalking Jack the Ripper if you haven’t read that for some odd reason. Kerri’s ability to transport you into the world of Audrey and Thomas is spectacular.  I loved the setting of Romania and Bran Castle. I wanted to roam the halls with Audrey & Thomas and visit the little town of Brasov. I wished I was the one traveling down the secret passageways with them to discover new mysteries. The supporting characters were fantastic too! I absolutely adored Daciana and Ileana and I hope to see them pop up in book three! This mystery was so fun to solve. I figured it out right before the reveal and was completely shocked. I won’t spoil it, but you’ll probably never guess who the killer is…

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Where have I been? || Blog Update

Hey, guys. I don’t think I have to be the first to tell you that I’ve been absent. 

It’s been a while since my last post, 2 months to be exact, and I wanted to give you an update.

Classes for my semester are winding down to an end, and as we speak I am using what little free time I have to bring you an announcement when I should be spending it frantically writing papers.

I am going to be taking a hiatus from my WordPress.
Shocker, right?

This means that you won’t see any more posts from me on this format until my schedule clears up. I will, however, continue posting on my Instagram account @itsmybirthwrite!

I also have some really exciting plans for the future of It’s My Birth Write, so stay tuned for that!

“Frogkisser” by Garth Nix || SPOILER FREE Book Review

Garth Nix’s Frogkisser is a refreshing fairy tale adventure that features all of the usual tropes in an unusual and unique way.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, or even on here, you might know by now that I really love this novel. I love it so much, in fact, that it made it to my top 6 books of 2016 list (which you can read right here) at number 1!

I have quite a lot to say about this novel so this review may end up being very long, but I hope that you read the review nonetheless and that you pick up the novel to read for yourself!

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