Bookmark Collection (As of August 30, 2016)


After making the plans for my September Book Tag (#imbwSeptember-check out that post here) I decided to actually take a look at what few bookmarks I have in my possession.

While the actual date for my #imbwSeptember (here’s the instagram post link, for safe measure 😏 ) is September 19th, I wanted to go ahead and make a blog post talking about the significance of each bookmark I have now.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be getting/making a lot more bookmarks before September 19th.
In any case, here is my current bookmark collection!


“Take Pride in How Far you Have Come, and Have Faith in How Far You Can Go”

The first bookmark I have to show you is one given to me by my boyfriend’s mother. She bought it for me after during my second semester of my freshman year at college.

Here’s a fun fact: you have to work hard in college. Here’s another fun fact: I didn’t do that my first semester.

As you can probably guess, I failed a bunch of classes and barely passed others. It was a mistake that I am not proud of, but that I have definitely learned from.
The quote on the bookmark is to remind me that I am better than the mistakes I have made.


“We’re All Pirates” Bookmarks

If there’s one good thing about my University (truthfully, there are lots of good things), it’s that students are given freebies quite often. There’s always at least a 75% chance that you’re going to get something, whether it be t-shirts or water bottles, for attending a school-promoted event.

Luckily for me, I tend to gravitate towards the things that people don’t take, so there’s always an abundance of bookmarks to be had. These bookmarks send out a positive message too, which is a definite plus in my book.


DCX World Tour MMXVI Ticket

Let me start off by saying this: I hate country music. It’s by far my least favorite genre. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and the Dixie Chicks are my exception.

My mom is a huge fan of their music and, as a result, I grew up listening to their music. I know the words to most of their songs, and I enjoy Natalie Maines’ political views and her passion for social activism.

Also, when someone else offers to buy you a concert ticket, you say yes. It’s like a golden rule of concerts: free tickets are the best tickets.


“Read” Watercolor Bookmark

This is my newest bookmark, handmade by yours truly. Not that it’s anything special, it’s literally just some torn watercolor paper with watercolor and colored pencil on top.

It was, despite how unprofessional it may be, a lot of fun to make. I’ll probably be making more bookmark watercolors in the future, and I already have a series of bookish watercolor projects in the works.


“Don’t Lose Your Place in History” Arcadia Publishing Bookmark

I got this bookmark for free at a tiny history museum just an hour or so away from my University. It’s a very good length, I think. As you can see in the picture above, it’s not too long to where it falls off the page, and it’s not too short to where it slips down and is lost in between the pages.

It was made to promote Arcadia Publishing, a company located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (here is a link to their website.)

Thank you for reading!
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