Yallfest: The Massive Haul

Good. Lord. I walked away from Yallfest with so much book swag.


I mean…look at all of that. That’s not even the whole haul.

Seeing as this is my first Yallfest experience, I wanted to document as much as possible, including all of the stuff I got while there!

(For those of you who know very little about the YA book world, I’ve included some nifty links to help you out along your journey. 😃 )

Click “Continue Reading” to see what all I picked up while I was there!

First of all…my apologies for the quality of the pictures. They were taken with a cellphone camera in a hotel room, so they’re not the best photos ever.

Secondly, I’ve attempted to divide up the haul as best as I could, starting with posters and ending with bags.

Let’s start with posters.

The first two posters I have to show you are definitely my favorites. First up is the beautiful gold one from Epic Reads. 🙌   Oh my god…isn’t it beautiful?

The second best is the Tales of the Peculiar poster. It’s so beautiful, in fact, that I snagged one for my brother as well. (If you’re reading this, Hank, you’re welcome.)

Next up are some Richelle Mead posters. The first one is promoting the 10th-anniversary edition of Vampire Academy, and the second one is a poster promoting her newest series The Glittering Court.

The last two posters that I got are both for books I’ve never read. 😅

The first one, The Thousandth Floor, is a book that I plan on picking up and reading very soon.

The other poster, however, is for Lord of Shadows…a book that I have not read and will more than likely not be reading. I’ve never read any of the Shadowhunter books, and I don’t ever plan on diving into them.
(Cassie Clare fans…please don’t kill me.)

I also got a ton of bookmarks.

A lot of the bookmarks came in a set, including all of my Furthermore bookmarks (Tahereh Mafi’s promotional goodies were on point.) I also got a RivetedLit bookmark, a Julia Vanishes one, and one from Carrie Ryan that I got when she signed my books.

I also got some goodies that I was not expecting to get.


First thing’s first…yes, those are bubbles. Epic Reads was handing them out at their booth near Blue Bicycle Books.

Moving on…I also got a meteor-shaped stress ball (rock?) in promotion for Tommy Wallach‘s 2015 release We All Looked Up.
The little pack of papers in the top right corner of the picture is a set of postcards. Sadly, I don’t remember what they’re promoting, but I will update this post once I’m home again.

I also got a pack of hot chocolate, promoting Jay Asher‘s What Light.

Moving onto the post popular form of loot at Yallfest…stickers, buttons, and pins!

I tried my best to take a picture of every single sticker/tattoo/car decal that I got, but by the time I rolled around to the buttons, I gave up hope.

A lot of my stickers are book themed, and most of them are books that I have not read. I got some stickers for some newer releases, such as Jesse Andrew‘s The Haters, and some are promoting older books, like James Dashner‘s The Maze Runner.

I also got some Glittering Court car decals and tattoos, as well as some FreeForm Pop Sockets.

As for buttons, I got a lot of repeats. A good chunk of them came from First in Line and Penguin Teen. My favorite ones, though, have to be the Tales of the Peculiar and Furthermore pins.
Ransom and Tahereh are the ultimate power couple…even when it comes to book swag.

Onto the biggest portion…the books!

I was baffled by the amount of books I got (all for free) at Yallfest.

I got chapter samplers/sneak peaks, and even a few full-text ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies!)

Staring out with the samplers.


From left to right: Laini Taylor‘s Strange the Dreamer, Cassandra Clare‘s Lord of Shadows, Catherine Egan‘s Julia Vanishes, a graphic novel version of Brandon Sanderson‘s Mitosis and Brendan Reichs‘ Nemesis.

As for full-fledged books…

I received a copy of Garth Nix‘s Frogkisser! (as well as a matching chapstick), a copy of Ibi Zoboi‘s American Street, Ally Carter‘s All Fall Down, and Katie Cotugno‘s Fireworks.

I also received Salla Simukka‘s As Red as Blood, Emma Chastain‘s Confessions of a High School Disaster: Chloe Snow’s Diary, and Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves.

Last but not least…bags.

Tote bags and backpacks were such a convenient thing to get at Yallfest.

The more tote bags you had…the more stuff you can carry.

I got a tote from Penguin Teen with the famous The Outsiders quote, a Black Widow: Red Vengeance backpack, a tote from First in Line that says “I read ___ before you did” and a drawstring backpack promoting The School for Good and Evil.

Thank you for reading that crazy long post.

If you enjoyed it, please let me know in the comments below!
Also, be sure to share it with the bookworms in your life. 


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